Rhythmyx SSL

Hey there,

I’m setting up our Rhythmyx Development envrionment and attempting to enable SSL. I followed the directions per the section “Enabling SSL on the Rhythmyx Server” on page 108 of Setting_Up_the_Production_Environment_Version_6_5.pdf documentation. I created a keystore file and completed the configuration. Rhythmyx server.log shows it is listening for HTTPS connections on port 9443, but web browser connections fail and running netstat on the server shows nothing listening on port 9443.

Any help would be appreciated.


For those interested, the problem is with Tomcat 5.5:

Note: your private key password and keystore password should be the same. If they differ, you will get an error along the lines of java.io.IOException: Cannot recover key, as documented in Bugzilla issue 38217, which contains further references for this issue.

After making the -keypass and -storepass identical SSL was up and running.

Thanks to Rhonda at Percussion Tech Support for putting in the time on this! :slight_smile: