Restrict Image Dimensions?

I am working on an employee bio template. I want to give them areas to enter various content such as external website, photo, etc. Are there ways to create restrictions such as image dimensions?


Using widget builder you can do this. What you can do is create an image input area and in the display tab you can set the image width and height attributes. 

When you hit auto generate code in the display tab of widget builder you will get this

You can add an height and width attributes to this mark-up like this:

$slideimage_alt_text here">

This will force the image to always remain a particular height and/or width.

I wasn’t aware that these appeared in the Asset Type section if someone tried to upload an image. I deleted the widget so I could recreate it with a different name “zzz-Something” so they would appear at the end of the list. It is still appearing in the asset type option list though. Thoughts?

you lost me, what is appearing in the asset type?

I created a widget called “EmployeeBioImage”. It appears when I click the New Asset button. (image attached)

I didn’t realize it would appear there alphabetically and would like it at the end of the list so that the “File” and “Image” types, being the most used, are in the front. To do that I was going to create a new widget and have the letter “z” or some character to push the asset type to the end of the list.

I deleted the widget but it still appears in the New Asset selection window.

Oooh ok,

So once you deploy a widget there is no way to undeploy it so you will still see it in the widget asset trey. 

To remove this widget (or any widget) from the widget asset tray use the widget configuration gadget on your dashboard and uncheck the widgets you would like to not show up in the widget tray.

So you can never delete it from the system?

Can I restore a deleted one?

That is correct you can not delete a custom widget from the system and once you delete one from the widget builder list you can not restore it. :-/

If this is something you find as a big issue post in idea here on the community