Required fields in widgets

I thought I read somewhere that we can do non-required fields in custom widgets in 5.3. I can’t figure out how this works though, when I add fields in Widget Builder there isn’t an option for required or not?

Thank you for your question Lisa - we will follow up internally, and someone will get back to you

Hi Lisa,

The default for Widget Builder fields is not required.  However, there was a miss in the original 5.3 version where the field still displayed an * by default.  You will still be able to save the Widget without contents in the 5.3.  The * should have been removed in the 5.3 SR1 release. 

To configure a Widget field to be required after the update, you need to use the Advanced Workbench and modify the field on the Widgets underlying Content Type to be not required there.  The workbench provides more advanced options than the current Widget Builder UI.  

Hope this helps.