Request: troubleshooting common errors

I would like to request that we have a section on common errors in Rhythmyx, probably in the technical Discussion section of the forum. It could take the form of listing the most common problems reported to tech support with guidance on how to fix them.
Ideally screenshots of error messages would accompany each problem as sometimes the error messages are not so user-friendly. This would be great for new Rx developers and those of us who are getting familiar with the latest versions and would save the Tech Support guys having to repeatedly deal with the same problem with different customers.
An example of the kind of problem I am referring to would be ‘I cannot add inline images to my CT body field’, or ‘where to find the publishing logs to delete older ones’

Seconded! There are quite a number of pieces to the system, and they all have to work together properly to achieve the desired result. It’s often difficult to tell where to look when something goes wrong.

Indeed. I would really like to have a knowledge base type area like this. I would learn more this way.

I absolutely agree!

I agree. Even better would be a searchable database along with an online form for submitting trouble tickets.