Repairing items with duplicate parents

Hi there,

We’re running Rhythmyx 5.7 here and every now and then a content item or a collection of content items will fail to publish due to a processing error and I receive this message.

An error occurred generating HTML from XML using the "" style sheet for the request submitted by session id 0a3318f03b84e8ca7cb3d544e504f3b687be492f. 
1 Invalid tree structure. Item with duplicate parents 48193 

I have seen one thread discuss this issue but didn’t relate to me directly. My questions are:

  1. In general, how do these problems emerge?
  2. how do I identify and fix the duplicate parents?

Any way you could set me off on the right track here would be greatly appreciated. I understand each case might be different so general pointers would be welcome.

Best wishes and thanks in advance,


Hi Rich

You need run a sql query on the psx_relationships table

AND CONFIG = ‘Active Assembly’
AND OWNERID IN (SELECT CONTENTID FROM contentstatus where contentid = 314)

This should give you the ids of the parent navons. You then need decide which one you don’t want to have the relationship then use the CX to remove the child navon (48193) from the nav_submenu slot.


Good idea - we get these errors too, but when looking at the item through Impact analysis, there is only one parent. Never know what these errors mean but have got round the issue by deleting and recreating the item. A clear reason for the error along with a method of fixing this would be very useful

Thanks James! I’ll give this a run through and report back on my findings.

Best wishes,

Hi James,

I ran the code below and returned no rows. I removed the last clause in the query like so:

AND CONFIG = ‘Active Assembly’

And returned the results as in this image.

Although duplicated in the table, 48202 is the desired navon. I can find 2269 by a search but it doesn’t appear to be in any folder anywhere? Could this be my problem navon?

Thanks in advance!


It seems that 2269 was an orphaned/replaced navon that still had all slots populated. I removed all the navons from nav_submenu slot in 2269 and seemed to do the trick! Thanks for that.

I’m just trying to think how these slots get populated in duplicate. It could be user error, where a landing page slot should be filled rather than a nav_submenu slot.

Does that sound plausible?

Best wishes,