Rename Page Title or Navigation Page Title does not automatically update the link title


I am not sure whether it’s a bug or feature request… I’ll explain:

When we renamed the page title widget from “X” to “Y” (either normal page or Navigation page in CM1) and on the other page, as long as the link is like this “/Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_authtype=0&sys_variantid=379&sys_revision=4&…” and point to the right page with new title “Y”, the a href title doesn’t update from “X” to “Y” so I had to manually update it.

What do you think? I hope I make sense…


Hi Aaron,

Was this a regular Page or a Navigation Section Landing Page?

Also was it rendered with the Navigation Widget or was this a link in a Rich Text / HTML widget?



Will it be easier if I upload a short clip?


Hi Nate - I emailed you with zip attach. Let me know if this helps.


Hi Aaron,

I see the email, I just haven’t had a chance to get to it yet. Will respond once I’ve reviewed the video.



Ok I looked at this. It looks like there are two things here:

1.) When you insert a link to another page in a Rich Text, the text for the link isn’t coming from the page title, it is actually coming from the text that you typed and selected when the hyperlink was inserted which I think is expected.

2.) When the link is created the title attribute is pulled from the linked page, but if that page title changes in the future, the new page title doesn’t update the title text on links to that page. You could also use any free form text for the title.

We’d need some kind of mechanism like Override Link Title or something to allow for custom titles if we updated the system to pull title from the linked pages title, but that should be doable.

I will backlog an improvement request.