Remove Purge Option

Migrated from forum:

“The purge option appears for even people with the least privileges. How do we remove the purge option? Also is it possible to remove the purge option only from the Author role, and keep it for other roles?”

What is purge option? This is first I’ve heard unless it’s Percussion’s terminology wording?

Hi Aaron,

This relates to our Rhythmyx product. We are merging the two forums and separating them by Category. I was just posting these before putting up an announcement but you beat me to it! You should be able to view conversations by Category, so you can only view the CM1 posts.

In Workbench under UI Element Design->Content Explorer->Menu Entries->User->Purge

On the “Visibility” tab, “Visibility Contexts”.  Select the “Roles” Visibility Context and add or remove the Role that you want to hide / show the menu to.