Remove extra Drag and Drop region html code when published

We are startign to support responsive web design techniques, and the code CM1 produces is less than optimal. We would like to see the region code removed from the html markup when the page is published, but can stay when viewed within the preview portal. Is that on any roadmap?

Are you referring to the actual region div? If so, that is not on a roadmap to be removed as it is a core piece of the operating interface of CM1.

While it is a core piece of the *operating interface* of CM1, end users should not be delivered this extra markup. As it stands now, for every region that’s created in a CM1 template, three div elements are delivered to the browser.

I understand that you need these elements as a part of your drag-and-drop interface, but there’s no reason to weigh down the published page with them.

I agree with Chris that there needs to be a way to turn this off for publishing only. Even CM System adds in extra divs in the editor, but those never get published.

It also makes it tricky to do responsive design with all this extra markup.