Related content not publishing

Hi there,

One of my content types seems to be publishing out only content fields from itself but not content pulled in via slots/snippets. Any ideas what i’m missing? I have never experienced this before.

Can you check if the items you have in the slots are also in a publishable state?

Hi - the snippet pulled into the slot is used from another content type which is also in a public/publishable state. Previews are fine as is ‘context=1’, but as soon as its published only the fields from the content type itself are there but the fields from the related content/snippet has disappeared.

Can you check if the dependent item publish at all? Does the dependent item have a page template?

The content item that is linked to my new content type does not get published - but this really shouldnt make any difference should it? Im simply pulling content from it from the database?


Double check Site visibility on your templates and content types. As well as allowed content in the slot. Allot of times this happens because a particular template content type combination is not setup on the slot, or because a template is not allowed on a particular site.


The same filter is applied to filter out items in a slot. It is not just a database query for the current item. Even if the item you are linking to has no publishable templates these workflow rules still apply. The item you are linking to needs to be in a public state, also if your content list is not under the //Sites/sitename structure for your site it will be filtered out if you use the site folder filter instead of the public filter

I changed the content list to publish via ftp rather than the filesystem and it now publishes with all the content in it…