Reduce limit on keyword labels

At the moment, in Rhythmyx 6.5.2, there is a 50 character limit on labels in keywords. We are starting to run into that limit in some our uses of keywords to populate dropdowns with options. For example, in a dropdown to allow authors to determine the layout of slots on a home page, we have keyword values with labels such as “Slots 1,3 in left column, Slots 2,4 in right colum” - the final ‘n’ is missing because it would be the 51st character.

I think long labels would be worth the penalty of extra storage space in the database. I would suggest 128 characters would be a sensible maximum.

…obviously I meant to give this thread the title “Increase limit on keyword labels”

We have run into this problem in 6.7. Is there still no way to make the keyword label longer than 50 char?