Publishing sequence (content IDs) in 6.5.2

In our set-up, Rx publishes to its own server and not to our Web servers. The publishing process takes up to an hour for some sites, even for incremental runs. We use scheduled copy processes to copy from there to the load-balanced Web servers.

Originally, we set up copying to happen every ten minutes. We are now finding that a new press release on our home page may not appear until up to 45 minutes after the home page has been updated, so we get broken links on our “hottest” news.

There are some obvious things we can do to help with this, but it still seems that the publishing strategy is wrong. We are guessing that items may be publishing in content ID order. This is, it seems to us, the approach most likely to lead to major home and section pages, which have been there from the beginning of a site, being updated before the new items that those major pages are highlighting.

Is it possible to arrange for items to publish in reverse content ID order (newest first)?

The obvious things we are already doing are to alter the copy schedule (but this is likely to mean a further delay in site updates owing to safety margins), and to wait for publishing improvements in the new version. We believe that it is also possible to trigger external processes (such as the copying) directly from the end of a publishing run, but have yet to look into this.

Using multiple smaller content lists is not really an option, as this guarantees that one end of a link will be updated before the other, and so links will be broken.

Thanks for any suggestions.


How are you generating the content lists? Are you using a JCR Query, or the site folder generator?

If you are using JCR Queries, you should be able to add an ORDER BY clause and control the order in which the content list is generated.

You’re correct that we added support for “post edition tasks” in 6.6, which is really the right way to do this.

Implementing this in 6.5 requires adding Java extensions to the Publishing application, which of course won’t survive an upgrade.


We’ve been using JCR since 6.0 so we’re trying the ORDER BY

We won’t try Java extensions for the reasons you set out.