Publishing multiple sites from the same content items

Hi there

I’m trying to think of the best way of publishing essentially two separate sites from the same content items, and I can’t work out what’s the best approach.

The sites would use different templates and have different designs, but they would be identical in terms of content and structure.

I have considered various options such as separate location schemes and content lists, but I can’t quite get my head around the implications. I want each site to be self-contained in the sense that if you’re within a site, the links go to the items within that site and not the other.

One possibility I’ve been thinking about is having two publishing sites configured to use the same site root folder, but this is ringing some alarm bells with me as I’m not sure that’s possible.

Any ideas gratefully received!


We currently have 2 publishing sites for the same root folder. We publish the same content to each site at a different ftp location using different templates.
Does that help?

It works 100% - this is absolutely possible and you are on the right direction.
Have separate location schemes, content lists and editions. Specify you sites in Publishing tab. All relative url’s within related content will be correct.
Of course - do this with a small batch of items first, test, test, test - implement.

Good luck!

Hi guys

Thanks for the responses. That’s great.

So, just to confirm, I set up an additional publishing site that uses the same Content Explorer site folder as root, but with different content lists and location schemes.

Does that ever cause any problems with previews? How does Rhythmyx know which site to preview as? When I run a preview, the siteid is coded into the link.

Actually, I think I’ve answered my own question there. I guess I create a separate preview menu for the second site with its own siteid and hide it from those who don’t need to see it.

Sounds like a plan. Thanks again for the advice.


Hello again

Everything was going so well, but now I’ve run into a bit of a problem and I’m not sure of the best way around it.

I’ve created a new site using the existing content folders, and I’ve added a new global template and tried a publish in one folder with a new content list and publishing edition.

This is all working great. The new pages are in the correct folder and use the right template - result!

However, the problem arises when trying to add links from one page to another via ePhox. There are actually two related problems:

  1. When searching for a page to link to, there are now two options rather than one - one for each site. I don’t want this to be the case. I want users to do exactly as they’ve always done and for Rhythmyx to work its magic unbeknownst to them.

  2. On the published pages, the links between pages switch back to the current site. This is a result of point 1 above.

What I want to happen is that users get one option for the content item, but then when Rhythmyx publishes the two versions of the site, it sorts out the links accordingly so that once in a version, you stay in that version.

Is there a way around this problem?