Publishing calendar widgets

Anybody know how to get a calendar widget to publish on our live server? Looks great in Percussion, but is a blank page when published live…

Hi Craig,

Are you saying that in CM1 there are events on your calendar but on your live page the Calendar is blank?

or are you saying there is not a calendar on your live page at all?

Hi Armani,

I have a calendar set up and populated with events on this page:…

When I publish it, there’s no calendar or events:…


Hi Craig,

Are you using a full publish/incremental publish or an instant publish to publish the page?

Hi Armani,

I have tried both an instant publish and a full publish with that page set as approved. The calendar is not visible in either case.


Looking at you live page it appears that some of your JS files are returning a 404 error meaning that files might not be there. This could be the issue.

Let’s take this offline and see if we can find out with the issues is. I will send you an email shortly.