Publishing a subsection of a site to a different target Server

Rhythmyx 6.7

I have a site that publishes to a flat HTML web server with no dynamic capability and this cannot change.

I wish to have some dynamic functionality on my site and to do this will need to publish a subsection of the site to a dynamic web server.

I also wish to make the experiance appear seemless to the end user and continue to use Rhythmyx managed navigation in my templates.

A new site definition in Rhythmyx is required to be able to input the details of a seperate target publishing server for this subfolder within the site

Can the navtree item from site A be placed in the Submenu slot of a navon in site B and become part of site B managed nav and effectively a new branch?

Alternatively can site A be defined using a navon at it’s folder root which is then placed in the submenu of a navon in site B and the managed navigation continue to propagate the nav templates in site A with elements from site B?

In other words does the managed navigation depend on folder structure within the CMS or is it soley formed from the nodes assigned to slots?

I intend to try this out but wondered if anyone had encountered this issue before?