Publish Log Details doesn't show "removed" pages or assets

I am not sure if this is intended or not.

  • Go to /Assets/college-name/college-department-folder/pdf-folder/pdf-name.pdf
  • Click Edit
  • Go to Publishing > Remove from Site
  • Then, go to Publishing Log Details page
  • You’ll see Status “Completed” with “0” Published
    I think this might be misleading. Should state “Removed” and how many assets/pages removed. That way I will know what’s removed or not.

I hope this make sense…

Hello Aaron,

This is not working as intended - the “No data available in table” means something happened with the table that reports the publishing, but does not necessarily mean the job did not succeed.  If the PDF has a status of “Archived” then the item should have been removed successfully.

If the reporting displayed correctly, you should have seen “Removed: 1” in the Publishing Log Details.  

If you would like us to investigate further please let us know, we can create a support ticket to get more details from your CM1 installation.

Thank you,

Yes, that would be helpful. You can go ahead contact IT crew including me. Many thanks!!