PSO Toolkit - documentation missing for two extensions?

I just installed the latest PSO Toolkit on our development server, and am looking for documentation on two of the extensions that were added most recently to the toolkit:


I’ve looked through the Javadoc, and must be missing something - I haven’t found them in there.

Anyone have any clues for me?


There is JavaDoc for both of these classes. They are in the com.percussion.pso.validation package. The javadoc probably could be a bit better, especially for the PSOUniqueFieldWithInFoldersValidator.

PSORequiredFieldsItemValidation is an “Item Validator”. You add this to a content type and specify 2 parameters:

  1. A list of required fields

  2. A list of destination workflow states

Both of these lists are comma separated lists. Whenever the item is about to enter one of the listed states, all of the required fields must not be empty.

As it turns out, another customer has reported a problem with this extension: it does not work correctly for Aging transitions. I’ve fixed that problem, and will be posting a new toolkit build sometime in the next day or two.

The PSOUniqueFieldWithInFoldersValidator is a field validator, so you attach it to a field, not a content type. It searches the folders using a JCR Query, so the field in question has to be something that a JCR Query can search. There is also an optional parameter to Exclude Promotable versions.

I’ll have some words with the author of this extension and see if we can come up with some better JavaDoc for the next build.

I hope this helps.


Never mind - I found what I was looking for. I needed to reload the lower left frame of the Javadoc page in order to get it to refresh the list of classes (frames - argh! :-). I now see that these are both part of the com.percussion.pso.validation package, just as I expected.