Problems pushing large binary files through the workflow


When I attempt to push some of podcast items to the next workflow state I get a message saying that the sys_file (which is a mandatory field) is empty. I have checked the backend table and done a successful publish and can safely say that field is populated.

These problem files are generally around 30mb, so my feeling is that this is the issue. Is there a known problem pushing large files thorugh the workflow and, if so, is there a way of resolving it?

Thanks and regards


Hi Richard

I’ve always been against having large binaries in the Rhythmyx db as each time you create a new revision it copies the binary as well. This means if you have a 30mb file with 10 revisions then the db will be 300mb larger for just the one content item.

I tend to create a link to the binary instead using something like the external links content type.


We have the same concern with large binaries in the db. We’re developing a content type that uploads large binary files directly to the filesystem and creates a URL to the file instead of storing them in the database.