Problem with User Permissions | Not Restricting User


I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not, but the user that I created seemingly isn’t being restricted to the areas to which the workflow is assigned.

Here’s what I’ve done:

I created a user called Test

I created a role called MyTestUser and added my user, Test, to that role. I also indicated that the Homepage should be Editor.

Then I created a new Workflow called TestWorkflow

I then gave this workflow the ability to Submit, Approve & Publish in the Draft, Review, Approved and Archive Workflow states.

Finally, In the Assigned area, I gave it access to a part of the navigation. There are currently 8 Areas on the navigation, so I Assigned the workflow to one of the areas.

When I log in as Test, the first issue is that I’m assuming that the home page should be the editor since I indicated that in the role, but it defaults to the dashboard.

The biggest issue is, while logged in as test, I’m able to edit all of the pages all of which I shouldn’t have access except the one area I Assigned the workflow to.

I go to the site, select another area that’s he’s not supposed to be assigned to, and I’m able to click on the page under that area, and edit it.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. Why does my user have access to stuff he shouldn’t have?

In a normal scenario, at which point should I have gotten an error? I’ve provided screen shots also to further explain.

Thanks so much for your response in advance!



The Test user is still assigned to the “Editor” role as well as the “MyTestUser”. try removing the “editor” role from this user.


Thanks, I didn’t even notice that. I removed the editor role, and it now defaults to the editor instead of the dashboard upon login for the Test user.

However, the problem still persists with this user being able to edit other sites and getting no error messages.

Also, to let you know, I’m on Version 4.0.5 Build 201403R12 (0). I just upgraded within the last week or so.

Can you send me a screen shot of the Test WorkFlow

Yes! I appreciate your help. I’ve attached them to this message.

Could you also post a screen shot of the Assigned sections for the “TestWorkFlow”. If the Test user still has access to all the pages in your site, the issue maybe there.

Also make sure that the “MyTestUser” has no permissions in the default workflow.


I’ve provided screen shots of the Default Workflow as well as the Assigned Areas. I’ve also attached a screenshot of me logged in as test, having the ability to access the academics area, when I should not be able to. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Opps forgot to to attach one screen shot

For the “MyTestWrokFlow” Check the apply check box to the right as well as the one to the left.


I did that on the admin side, and then logged out and in again, but I was still able to access other areas besides the Students area. I’m doing all of this on two different browsers, chrome and firefox…didn’t want you to think that I was mixing user sessions.

Also, upon clicking apply, and saving, when I open the Assigned Sites & Folders dialog box again, the students box is checked on the left, but the box on the right under Apply is not checked. Should that Apply box be checked all the time like the box on the left?

I really appreciate your time!


Can you create a support ticket for this. email us at and describe the issue. you can paste in the screenshots as well.

One of our Technical support specialist can take a look into this issue for you.

Ok. Will do! Thanks so much!