Problem:Publishing Context associating generic location scheme for an image type.


For one of our content types, erau_image, two location schemes are being called for a single item under the publishing context.

Under the context section(publishing) we have a location schemes erauImage:erauBnImage and eraulGeneric:erauPgGeneric.

After publishing the cms will publish two files for a single image. One that is generate for the erauImage and one for erauGeneric:

For example, here is our publishing log for the full binary edition:
LocSchemErauGeneric_ER Logo.jpg publish success ER Logo
LocSchem_Erau_Image_montage04ERAU.jpg publish success ER Logo

Any ideas on why our erauImage content type is triggering our location scheme associated erauGeneric content type?

Here are our location schemes and parameters:

Name:LocSchemErauImage,Generator:sys_JexlAssemblyLocation,ContentType:ERAU Image,TemplateType:B-Image
LocSchem_Erau_Image expression=
$sys.pub_path + ‘LocSchem_Erau_Image_’+ $sys.item.getProperty(‘rx:img1_filename’).String

Name:LocSchemErauGeneric ,Generator:sys_JexlAssemblyLocation,ContentType:ERAU Generic,TemplateType:P-Generic
LocSchemeErauGeneric expression=
$sys.pub_path + $sys.template.prefix + “LocSchemErauGeneric_”+$sys.item.getProperty(‘rx:sys_title’).String + $rx.location.getFirstDefined($sys.item,‘rx:activei mg_ext,rx:sys_suffix’, ‘.html’)

Is the Generic Location scheme the Default? If so, it will get trigged when
you publish any other template. Check that you don’t have any other templates on the image content type that are “publish always” or “publish default”.


It turned out that we did have a default location scheme. Once we set the default location scheme to ‘nothing’ only one copy of our erau_image type was written to the filesystem.

Also, for our erau_image type we had two templates: Original and thumbnail.

We had a location scheme for the image_original but not one for our thumbnail template.

Once we create a location scheme for the thumbnail template the other problems went away.