preview rss


i am trying to create a rss feed from some of the items we have

i have created a page template for the overall feed and a snippet template for each item.

on preview i am getting
This value ‘Item_rss’ is badly formed for a url query parameter.

i cannot figure out why this is happening, though i may of overlooked something

the rss feed is also appearing in the publish list as .html insted of .xml

many thanks for any answers

some further information

Each item is draw by the snippet is some basic information from an existing news page

and the snippet template is called item_rss

the message when i try to preview is

Problem during the assembly of item

		[Click here to view velocity log](
		[B]Parameters passed[/B]

		<table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0"> 			<tbody><tr><th>Name</th><th>Value</th></tr> 			<tr><td>sys_revision</td><td>2</td></tr><tr><td>sys_siteid</td><td>306</td></tr><tr><td>sys_authtype</td><td>0</td></tr><tr><td>sys_contentid</td><td>30843</td></tr><tr><td>sys_variantid</td><td>1009</td></tr><tr><td>sys_folderid</td><td>866</td></tr><tr><td>sys_context</td><td>0</td></tr> 			</tbody></table> 			[B]Error reported[/B]

		Problem assembling output for item: 2-101-30843 with template: Rss_Feed exception: This value 'Item_rss' is badly formed for a url query parameter, which must have the form param=value see log for stack trace

The error you’ve posted is pretty specific. Where is the parameter ‘Item_rss’? Is it directly on your template or is it in a binding? Make sure that it has the form the form param=value. You may also want to search this particular forum for ‘RSS’, there are a number of posts regarding how to set up and troubleshoot this type of implementation.