Poor performance - Remote db and content type with numerous child objects

We are experiencing very poor performance with a particular content type when any operations are performed on an item of that type in the content editor. This content type is just a grouping of another piece of content and for any items of this type there are right around fifty child items…

In production, the application (correct term?) that makes the association between the child and parent objects gets its data from a database at our co-lo. In our development environment this database is local. Everything seems to work fine in development but when the data was moved to production it took, for example, 5+ minutes (I timed it) to open the editing window for any items of this content types in question. The window does eventually open and actions do eventually complete but it takes a lot of time and there is never an error in the logs. So I think that the reason production is slow is because there are numerous child types for these items and some data is hosted remotely.

I wanted to post this here in case anyone has experienced the same thing and also if someone may know some remedy to this.