Please replace contract / expand with tabbing instead (mockup including)

Jan Doe is currently editing the page

Jan Doe decided to change in  Meta Data

Jan Doe clicked Actions > Edit Meta Data dropdown

Jan Doe scroll to  SEO

Jan Doe click SEO  to expand

Jan Doe then  again scroll  to see the overall SEO section

Jan Doe realized it’s not the right section

Jan Doe click SEO  to hide

Jan Doe scroll to  Additional Code

Jan Doe click Additional Code to expand

Jan Doe realized she is not in the right section either

Jan Doe click Additional Code  to hide

Jan Doe scroll up to Calendar

Jan Doe click Calendar to expand

Jan Doe is frustrated and decided to call it quit, literally :wink:

Jan Doe spent  35 minutes  literally on this.

My solution is to remove contract / expand thing and convert it to tabbing instead. Below are the mockups.

With this new mockups, Jan Doe spent 1 seconds and is already done. Very happy. No more scrolling and lots of clicking :) 

All Jan Doe had to do was to click SEO and found what she was looking for since it required less scrolling on bigger open space.

Make this happen in 5.5 as top priority. Thanks!

Another good idea. Are you on Percussion payroll yet?

LOL! They should!

Thanks for sharing this…another great idea! 

This would make editing the meta-data so much easier.

I agreed Matt. 1000%

Thanks Courty. So… any progress on this? :slight_smile: