Place blog list anywhere OUTSIDE of blog folder - how does that work?

On new redesign, I noticed you have blog on homepage. How did you place it on homepage that is outside of /blog/ folder? It seems that the current CM1 does not have the ability to post blogs outside of /blog/ folder anywhere on the pages, like homepage? That’s something we need for our new homepage. Please let me know. Thanks!

Hello Aaron,

I believe you are talking about the ON THE BLOG section on our home page? This was done using a Page Auto List widget, and in the Content editor we only select the template used for our blog pages.

Thank you!!! After 6+ of no solution, you did it! I couldn’t find it anywhere in Percussion help page.

I have a question - how does it work with categories or tags? Say we have 6 departments that have their own news but we want to pull some and place it on main homepage. I hope I make sense…