photo gallery

Every link in every thread about creating a photo gallery is a dead link. I would like help with this. Where am I supposed to go?

Hello Lloyd,

Are you looking for the tutorial “Creating a Photo Gallery with the Image Auto-List Widget”?  Some of our howto’s from our old Help site are not on our current Help site.  If this is what you are looking for let me know.


Hi Keith,
Yes, that is what I am looking for.
Thank you,


Were we able to get the page published?  If so can we post the new URL on this thread / add a redirect?



What happened with this? I’m still waiting.

Hi Lloyd,

I had created a blog post on this that can be found here:

Let me know if that helps and if not, let me know more about what you are trying to achieve.


If it’s not too much, will you create a youtube video of how to? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Aaron,

Is the blog post difficult to follow? If so, please let me know what you may need some clarification on so I can update it so that it makes more sense for the rest of our users as well.

Once we have a widget like this in the product, we can definitely add a how-to video at that point.


Hi Casey, As I said in the other post, I’m playing with the info from your blog. The only issue I’m having is getting the next and previous to show. Still investigating.

When we get to the how-to stage, we need to make sure to add the ‘ul’ tag after the class in the initialization script for our usage. [Took me a while before I saw it in the view source.]

Thank you,

Just to follow up, I did get my previous and next arrows.
Thank you.

That’s awesome Lloyd! Great work! Let us know if you need anything further.