Photo Captions

So I was talking with my awesome CM1 coach this morning about being able to add photo captions. He said currently that’s not a CM1 functionality. This is the first CMS that I’ve used that doesn’t have a caption field when you insert an image into rich text even WordPress has that option. Can we please add this feature?

This is actually an interesting idea. I haven’t had any customers ask previously about it, but I would be interested in finding out how many have looked for this feature, or would be interested in it. A simple caption might be a field simply added to the Insert/Edit image functionality of the editor, or the Image Widget/Asset.

I’d rather see the caption function added to the Insert/Edit image functionality within the editor because you may use the same image on several pages, but that caption may need to be different based on the content/landing page.

Has this been resolved/added? We’re looking for the same functionality without adding the code for each caption.

This use case has been addressed with the release of widget builder. It is extremely easy to create a custom widget that contains both an image and a caption field.

@dan - I have built a widget like that. However, some people may want to do it via RTE instead of custom widget. Is there a way to do this?

I would recommend using figure and figcaption tags replacing img tag in TinyMCE.

@dan - are you allowed to modify the TinyMCE by using figure and figcaption or TinyMCE will replace your changes each time you upgrade their software?

Aaron. Percussion does not provide customers the ability to modify tinymce. Doing this would take you outside our support.

@dan - I mean Percussion engineer, not customers. Sorry for the confusion.