Percussion Service stops unexpectedly

We just upgraded our Percussion to v3.4.4. The upgrade went smoothly without errors. However, now our Percussion service stops unexpectedly. I have to login to the server and start the service, but after a while it stops again . It never happened with the previous version 3.4.3.

Please, help!
Thank you.

Hi Tanya,

Are you running Percussion on a Windows server? If so, open up Window’s services listing, find the Percussion Service, and right click on it to open it’s properties. From there, open up the “Log On” tab and check and see if the “Allow service to interact with the desktop” option is selected.

If it is, this may be your problem – this property will essentially make it so that the service is tied to the account that’s logged into the server, so when your session ends, the Percussion Service will be forced to terminate.

To fix this, simply stop the Percussion service (wait a couple of minutes for it to end completely), deselect the “Allow service to interact …” option, and then start the service back up again. Now it will be running entirely under the SYSTEM account and it should stay active until the service is manually ended, or the server is shutdown.

This is the most likely cause of this issue from how you describe it, but let me know if this option has already been deselected (or you’re running on Linux) and we’ll look into other possibilities.

Hi Nathaniel,

Thank you or your reply. I checked the Properties as you suggested and “Allow service to interact…” checkbox wasn’t checked.

After the upgrade everything worked fine for 5 days and then it started crashing. Yesterday I went to the Percussion service’s Properties and under Recovery tab put “Restart the service” option for all cases. It’s been running OK since then, but we would like to know what caused this issue to avoid it in the future.

Is there any Percussion logs I can check?

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for checking that. I would like to take a look at the application’s log file to see what might have caused the system to go down. I’m going to create a support ticket so that you can share that with me. Please check your inbox in a moment.

We are also seeing issue with the server responding. Any news on this topic?

We upgraded our system on Saturday the 4th and started having issue today Friday the 10th!

Hi Chris,

What we were seeing indicated that the source of the issue may have been OS / VM related, and not caused by the application itself. We’re still looking into this, though.

In your case, does accessing the Percussion UI lead to a server error page, or does the connection simply timeout? After encountering this issue, are you logging into the application’s server and finding the service stopped, or does your server still believe it’s running?

Lastly, can you confirm that in your case the “Allow service to interact …” option is not selected for the Percussion Service, as outlined in my first reply above?