Percussion package installer problem


I encounter a problem with package installer when I want to deploy a new content type. 
This is the error I had:

The following error occurred while attempting to install package "Package_validation.intranet(1.0.0)

error: Cannot locate matching object on the system for the packaged object of type Keyword with source ID 14. Please check the server log for more information.

Is It some setting missing? 
I don’t know why this happens?

Thank you for your help

Hi Yannik,

Are you packaging a Content Type that references a Keyword in a Drop Down list or something like that?  If you are then you need to make sure that the dependent Keywords are included in your package too.  Id 14 should be a custom keyword. 

You could also check your RXLOOKUP table and see what is listed for id 14 in lookup type or lookup id.