Percussion Data Replication


In our architecture, Percussion is installed in a primary server and a standby server, where primary is for daily use and standby is the backup in case primary is down. Now we need to sync the standby with the primary but we don’t want to sync the entire Percussion folder because some of the configurations are different. Is there a way to only sync the content of cm1? If so, what will be the folders that we need to replicate?

BTW, we used embedded derby for cm1 and oracle for DTS. Oracle is fully replicated so don’t need to worry about that.

Hi Zhao,

There are two folders off of the Percussion installation root that contain your environment’s content:

  1. “Repository” (this folder contains your Derby database and the majority of your content)
  2. “web_resources” (this folder contains your site’s theme folder, which in turn houses most of your CSS, JS, background images, etc.)

Thank you!

No problem!