Pagination URL

Clicking on next or previous page in blog page(s) does not update the URL. For example: (even if you’re on page 1 or 5, still the same URL) it needed to be like or something like that. Thanks!

Hello Aaron,

In your example; if you are on, is the link you see on older/newer ""?

It doesn’t update the URL. I’m on page 4 of 34 pages and noticed the URL still the same? I hope I make sense. Thanks!

Hello Aaron,

I see what you are pointing to now. This is because the blog/index is updated through DTS, not by linking to another page. Does this help?

Yes, I understand. It would be nice to add /page/xx/ for example.

Here’s another example: If you click this link, you’re on Page 3.

I’m on page 11 on Percussion and click here: - does it take you to page 11? it takes you to page 1.

One time I hit refresh by accident when I was on page 11 of 34 on Percussion. Since it happened, it took me back to page 1 so I had to go to next few pages till I am back on page 11.

I see what you mean. If it’s alright with you, I would like to change this post from “Problem” to “Idea,” as this would be more of a feature request?

That’s fine with me. I thought it was a bug but thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

No problem Aaron, good points here!

I just wanted to check in to see if this has been looked into as an option. This is currently a problem since a user will click on a page to view an article then the pagination will always be set back to the first page when they exit the article. This makes the user lose their place as they view older articles that aren’t on the first page.

Is anyone looking into this at this time?


You can mark this as resolved. Thank you!!