Pagination in 6.7: Autoslots

I have been reading the 6.7 Implementation Guide, and it covers setting up of pagination for a single large content field, such as an EditLive, and for a single non-inline slot. Can the instructions for the latter be adapted for use in autoslots (i.e. one that uses the sys_AutoSlotContentFinder content finder.)

In our 6.5.2 system, we basically have one such autoslot, which is fed JSR-170 queries via a library of macros developed to list all types of items, based on many different criteria. Is it likely that I will be able to copy code from the #slot_page and/or #pager macros and paste it into my macros? I don’t have a 6.7 or even 6.6 system to be able to check these things myself. And is the query run each time a page is generated, which would cause problems for techniques such as this and this?



Although this is question about a version of Rhythmyx we do not even use yet, it does have a bearing on how we design new content types we will soon need to add to our current system.

Yes, the pagination should work (or should be able to adapt to) with auto-slot (the slot uses sys_AutoSlotContentFinder), in theory.

As I described in a previous thread, rendering of the slot is separated from how the items get into the slot in the first place. Pagination should work exactly the same way for both manual and automated slots.


Thanks for the reassurance.