Page publish dates and calendar summaries question

If I set the publish date for a page to the future, and I add my page to a calendar in the meta data, will the calendar still show my event even though the page is not published yet?
(I am workign in preview mode only right now so I’m not sure how to fully test this until I get reall live server setup.)

Ok so here is what I’m trying to do. On my home page I’m using a page auto list widget to bring in the summaries from my top 3 event pages. I have this widget set to show latests date, of my events folder (bases latest date on page publish date and not the event date associated with the file. (Note: This would be a nice option to add.))

Ok my senario is this, Graduation is June 20th 2014 (almost 1 year away). I have to list this date in my Academic Calendar 1 year before the event acutally happens (so I want it to show up in my Acdemic Calendar widget).

On my home page, I don’t want my auto list widget to display and pull in Grad 2014 until say June 1st 2014. So I set my page publish date on the Grad event page to June 1, 2014.

So my auto list widget shouldn’t pull this page in until the publish date, but I’m wondering if on my calendar, so my Acedemic Events Calendar widget, will it also not show up until June 01 2014? I need it to show up now on the Calendar even though the page has not been published yet.

So in preview mode, the event does show up on my calendar, even though the publish dates is set to the future. I’m hoping it will stay this way in live mode. Any thoughts?

If it doesn’t work this way the only thing I can think of is to put the event in a different folder (one that my homepage auto list widget isn’t pointing to), and then move it to the folder where the auto list points closer to the actual event date. Hope I don’t have to do this because I was hoping to automate all this.

Any suggestions or thoughts? Anybody else try to design something like this? Did it work?

Hi Sandy,

Preview mode will show all pages regardless of workflow state, but the published version will only show events that have been published and in the live state. You need to have an item correlate in the calendar which means there needs to be a page created for the event. If you want to have a sort of a place holder in your calendar for the upcoming event, you could create the page, but have more information added when the time is more relevant.




Me again =) Ok I have my live server set up now. I have approved and published my event page (not a site wide publish but an individual page publish), and I have published the page that my calendar widget sits on. Both pages say the status is Live. (I did do a site wide publish a few weeks ago before these pages were created.)

When I check it out in preview mode the event summary shows up on the calenedar widget like I want it to.

When I go to my live server no event summaries show on my calendar. I can’t click the calendar day to go to the event page. Noting is happening. What am I missing?…

Thanks in advance for the help

Hi Sandy,

The problem is you have your live domain,, setup as your DTS connection URL. This will work perfect when you go live and update your DNS to point this domain to your new server, but if you’re going to be testing these DTS powered components (calendars, auto-lists, blogs, etc.) in this server over the IP address, you’ll need to switch your DTS connection URL over to this IP temporarily, restart Percussion, and republish your full site for these changes to take effect.

You can point your server admins to this help doc for instructions to reconfigure this:…

Essentially, they’d be changing:




And then you’d restart Percussion and republish your site.

Ok great! Thanks for this info. I’ll talk to my server guy. I want to use the IP address to test things so I can do my mobile device testing. IE. I want to see how the calendar summary rollovers respond and function when you are on a touch device like an ipad or phone, before I go live live =)


Yes, this is a pretty common approach and should work fine. Let me know if you / they have any trouble making this switch.

HI, Robert my hosting company tech guy made this change and its still not showing my calendar summaries on this page. I’ll try another full publish later this weekend. Do the parent directories to the event page need to be published in order for the sumarry to show on the calendar? Just wondering why they are still not showing?

Hi Sandy,

At least this “Current Students” page still referencing as the DTS connection URL, same as before. Have you Approved and republished this page since the change was made (if the page is not in the Pending or Live workflow state, it won’t be updated on a full publish)?

Ok it works now. Sorry my bad, didn’t think about republishing of course that makes sense. Ok so Its workign great. Tested on the ipad, one question.

On the ipad the sumarry popus up on first touch. Second touch it will go the the event page all good. Only thing is when I browse back to my current students page the summary pop up is still up. it won’t go down if i click on other things on the page or if I click on the summary its self. Only way to get it to go down is to refresh the page.

Any ideas on how to deal with this? is it possibleto put a little close window x button on the popup summary?

so testing this a little more. On first touch summary comes up. Then if I click another day on the calendar sumary goes away. If I click the calendar blue summary again it doesnt pop up it goes directly to the event page. - Good

Senerio 2 - I click the calendar summary, it pops up. I click blue area again and it goes the event page. I hit the browser back button. So this is with new mobile sarfrai. When it goes back to the current students page, the pop up is still up. If I try to get it to go down by clicking another empty calendar day it still remins up and won’t go away until I reload the page.


I was just testing this on my iPhone and had inconsistent results, but for the most part hitting back in the browser relinquished the “hover” state properly (although I did see the issue you’ve outlined once). I’ve seen quirks like this browsing other sites that have “hover” effects on my phone, and I have a feeling that – while there may be some tricks you can use to limit this behavior (such as hard-coding a “Back” button on the event page) – the core of the issue lies with the mobile browser itself. I’m sure newer iterations of mobile Safari will handle this better. I personally wouldn’t worry about this too much, as it’s a bit of a fridge case, and I think regular mobile device users are used to hitting refresh / etc. to get around these types of quirks.

Ok good to know. As long as I’m doing do dillagence on my side that’s all I can do. I did put in a message in really small text “if you are having trouble refresh the page” so all I can do is notify users I guess.

I just upgraded my OS on the ipad, so I’m a little dissapointed with mobile safari. It will be intresting to see when I do my mobile focus group testing to see if they even notice it =)

Thanks for the developer support!