Page Auto-list 'Arrange by' option or most recently published first

Hi I’m using an Page Auto-list to display articles about monthly events. I would like the events to appear in the list in the order of the most recent appearing at the top of the list first. At the moment I have us publish override to reposition the event entry in the list. Now that I have over 20 events occurring in the list it’s becoming increasingly more complicated have to adjust all the other override publish dates in the meta sections every time I discover a new event that needs to be added to the list. Is there some way of getting the Page Auto-list to list pages in reverse order, so that the passed published and most recently published pages appear in the list first, rather than listed in the order of the most recently publish date first?

Or is there an entirely different or alternative method all together where I can easily rearrange the order pages appear in a Page Auto-list?

Hi Michael,

You can set the display results of the page-auto-list widget to sort by ascending, descending or alphabetical. This is configured within the widget configuration dialog on the “layout” tab. Choosing “ascending” will display the pages that were published earliest first. Would this work for what you’re trying to accomplish?


I’ve just seen why… Its actually a blog list. Is there any way to arrange the blog list by any chance?


This makes sense. Just looking at what you are trying to accomplish, after you follow Jon’s advice for teh auto-list (instead of the blog list). Let us know if this helps you achieve the behavior you want. For more info on the Autolist:
From there you could add a “more link”, to display a summary. Take a look here at creating a page summary: