Overridable Content Option for Templates

I’d love the ability to input sample, placeholder text for content regions and widgets on the content tab for Template Design. This would help a ton in helping our users know how to properly use our templates.

For instance:

I have template that has a Rich text Field for the user’s name. so in the Rich Text Widget I would go ahead and put the text “Enter your name Here”. So when the user starts putting content on their page that uses that template, they immediately know where their name goes.

I guess it’s more of a need to allow content to be put into widgets on the Template level, but not have it locked down for editing (ie. when the user edits the page that has the template, their local content would override the placeholder content from the template).

Maybe a checkbox for the widget properties that indicates whether to lockdown the content or not?


Hey Paul,

There’s an idea similar to this one that was posted previously over here:


Feel free add your support to this Idea if this sounds like what you’re looking for.