Order of Server Restart Following Server Maintenance

I have a question regarding the order of starting associated Percussion CM1 servers. We have 3 servers: 1 for the database, 1 for the CM1, and 1 for the web.publishing server/DTS service. When having to reboot servers following maintenance, is there a particular order in which this needs to be done?

Hi Sara,

I would say that the most sensible process would be:

  • Shut down CM1
  • Shut down DTS
  • Restart all servers, performing any necessary shutdown process on your database instance
  • Once all database and all servers are back up:
  • Start DTS
  • Start CM1


Thanks Peter. I do want to clarify though. We had an issue here this morning, and I want to understand what may have happened. We had a server maintenance window last night and the Percussion-related servers were restarted in this order: CM1, DB, and then WEB. The Percussion and DTS services start automatically on reboot. However, Percussion was not accessible following this process. With a stop and restart of the Percussion service everything went back to normal. I guess what I really want to know is if the DB server being down when the Percussion service started could have caused the issue, or might it have been DTS being down that caused it.