Optional include/exclude Percussion resources for Publishing

I thought I had brought up something similar a long time ago, but couldn’t find it in the forums.

basically there are a number of Percussion resources that get included into our published pages that are not used by our templates.

Resources like the spuerfish.js, jquery-ui, hoverIntent.js, navbar.js, perc-membership.js, jquery-ui…css are all resources that get included when we publish a page, but because of the templates we specifically use, none of those resources are needed in the published versions of our pages.

At quick glance, these cause an additional 94 KB to the page, and an additional 6 requests from the server.

I’m fine with them being included in the CM1 application as I’m sure they’re more widely used when one is editing and design templates and pages, but I do not see a need to include these in the published version if they’re not needed… I’m not sure if you can add to your publishing a detection feature for determining the need for your resources or not, but maybe at least for us advanced users, an option to specifically include/exclude such percussion resources in the publishing settings would be great.

We use the same general resources/templates across all our pages for consistency and re-usability (which most websites tend to do these days) so I’d bet others would use such a feature.


as a current workaround I’m going to look into adding cache expirations for those percussion resources we don’t use on our published web server, therefore they could be cached a long time to speed up our pages, since we’ll not need to worry about them needing updating. I’ll obviously tread with caution and do proper testing to be sure nothing breaking due to this.


Certain javascript resources we always want to include in the page, particularly jquery. For other javascript resources, they should only be included if the widget that uses them is included on the page. It appears that we’ve included some generally that should be tied to a widget. This includes superfish, navbar, perc-membership. I’m going to log as a defect those ones that are being loaded that should only be loaded if the widget is on the page.

Dan, thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m fine with the actual jquery.js file being always included, it’s any of the others that I’m seeing, including the jquery-ui, which is separate from the base jquery library that I have doubts about their always - inclusion

I reviewed over my page and confirm that I’m not using any widgets on the page that use these additional script and css resources. the only widgets I have on my page are: Rich Text and HTML widgets. Don’t see why these widget types would require scripts like the superfish or navbar.

Thanks for checking into this and look forward to it being fixed in future releases!

you guys are spot on when it comes to responses here in your community.

Those widgets wouldn’t require superfish or navbar. Those resources are needed by the navigation widget. So the plan will be to map the javascript resources to the right widgets and then publish those resources that are needed by the widgets on the page.

Paul, We’re in the process of looking into this issue and we aren’t able to recreate the issues where a page without a nav widget gets the superfish.js and navbar.js files. Do you have public facing site we can look at where this problem occurs?

try: http://teach.greenville.k12.sc.us/

All my navigation on that page was custom done and does not use any percussion navigation widgets. When it was published to its public location it has a bunch of extra includes, including superfish.js


Good morning, I am going to reach out to you offline, and work with you to get see what we can do to get this squared away. Expect to see an email from me shortly.