Only Display Secure Content Notice

I get this from a few sites that others created and approved.

I did not see anything in the error log, how can I find what has not published and publish it?

Hi Debbie,
Does the error appear to be coming from the browser or CM1 itself?

IE but IE only.

It is like a little oblong bar at the bottom and when I’ve seen it before, I noticed an asset missing and put 2 and 2 together. Then published the asset (I had neglected to approve) and it worked.

But I did not do these pages so I’m not sure how to find.


Can you tell me if you access CM1 over HTTP or HTTPS (the protocol will precede the domain of your CM1 server in your browser’s address bar)?

Yes it is https://


In that case, the most likely cause of that pop-up warning was that you were previewing content on your site that’s referencing non-secure content outside of CM1. This could be because you are using an iframe or some type of script pulling in unsecured content from an outside domain on one of your pages (social media plug-ins such as Twitter feeds might do this), which is pretty common. In either case you shouldn’t need to worry about this warning while working in CM1, and should simply allow your browser to display this unsecured content.

yes one had a video embedded from YouTube. Thank you -

No problem, Debbie.