ondemand unpublishing

Hello Team,

We are working on a creating a new menu item “Unpublish Now” and that will unpublish the content item selected and republish the all the parents of the item (to remove the references of the unpublished item). Do you know if there is any outbox method or extension that will do this task or documentation that might help me. Appreciate your help in Advance.

You should be able to achieve that with a workflow transition. Create a transition to the Archive state (You could call this “Unpublish Now”) and include the workflow actions: sys_TouchParentItems (so the parents will republish in the next incremental edition) and sys_PublishContent to trigger an incremental edition with the behavior set to unpublish then publish. There’s an xml file you need to edit (rxconfig/Workflow/publish.xml) to link this transition to the edition you want to run.

If you want this as its own menu item instead of in the workflow sub-menu, you could probably use the transition trigger in a custom menu item (similar to how the Quick Edit menu item works).

Thank you Junwin. What you said worked for us. Once user workflow items to archive state, we have manual unpublish menu that call the one edition to unpublish the archived items and one to republish the items after removing the references to archive items. We disabled the incremental and using manual publishing for last couple of weeks. So it avoid the need of updating the xml file (rxconfig/Workflow/publish.xml).