Old / outdated / deleted pages appearing in auto-list

Hello again -

Another unexpected item popped up yesterday -

Is there something about editing the delivery xml file and restarting CM1 that would make old/outdated/deleted page autolist items re-appear on one of our sites?


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https://community.percussion.com/t/my-forms-are-not-submitting-they-give-a-timeout-error/725 topic.

If we’re breaking this out - I have details from this past June. If you can reference TAR7622 - we filed a trouble ticket when this first happened.

Hi Bob,

Actually, your auto-lists wouldn’t have been functioning before the change we made to correct your DTS connection URL – they would simply have been displaying static content. If orphaned content is appearing in your auto-lists now that they are pulling in dynamic content, it’s possible CM1 has been unable to write / delete from your DTS server. When you run a publish in CM1, does it complete successfully or with failures?

Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up, Bob. So is this still isolated to only the phantom page mentioned in that ticket?

Hi Nathaniel-

Earlier today I archived a couple autolist items, and republished the site in question - http://www.autismresourcecentral.org - and it seems to have published with no errors.

Maybe it had just been broken for a while… but way back in June, Ben was looking into clearing out the DTS cache somehow, and we had 3 items in the list. This morning there were 6… now we’re down to 4 since i could not remember what the original 3 were. :wink:

Hi Bob,

This makes sense. I’ll have Ben ping the support ticket we have open to get some additional info from you in order to manually purge these old items.

Hi guys - here’s an update.

can we please, please make the old items go away.

this is the site - http://www.autismresourcecentral.org

on the home page, there is a page auto-list. it pulls from a folder in Percussion called home-page-items. every item in that folder is archived, and yet, two of them are still showing up on the live site. I just republished - no errors. Back in June, Ben was looking into this under TAR7622. We are still having the problem.

Can we revisit, do I need a new trouble ticket? I can do a gotomeeting at some point if you want to see our Percussion end.


Hey Bob,

Purging these items should be pretty straightforward. Ben on our end has replied to the ticket you referenced twice without response, so the emails might not be getting through. Can you check with Todd – the other contact on the ticket – to see if he’s gotten the messages? Thanks!

Hi - I will check with Todd. I haven’t seen anything from Ben since mid-june when we sent him our DTS file tree.


To tie off this thread, the main trouble here was that a couple of the orphaned pages were created in a much older version of Percussion that allowed spaces in files names. This meant that the typical method of purging stuck DTS entries – recreating a page using the exact same URL path as the DTS entry, then manually publishing and unpublishing this page – didn’t work. Instead, we had to manually post a request to the DTS server to purge these items.