Not able to get back to Percussion Community from view/edit profile page in the Community

Please add a link back to the community from the edit your profile page. It would make life a lot easier…actually, not editing the profile page at all is easier…


Great suggestion as a feature request for the community. I believe typically our customers have the community bookmarked, so they can jump back to it quickly.

Also out of curiosity how often are you editing your profile? The reason I ask, is if you do spend a lot of time doing that, I want to make sure its something we note internally to keep a smooth customer experience.

Hey Chris, I was just going in to change that awful photo (but got in there and realized it was the best picture I had) and changed my mind so I wanted to get back…lol.


Its a great photo! No need to change it :slight_smile:

Took the words right out of my mouth!

hahaha thanks!