No Link notification issue

This is probably the first time I’ve seen like this (see screenshot attached). I had no idea what that was, even I placed my mouse on exclamation icon waiting for tooltip - nothing appeared.

I had to find out by going thru Tools > View Source Code. Now I know why.

However, there was NO way to remove this red text (like clear formatting) so I had to go Tools > View Source Code to remove the class name. 

I thought this is a great approach but needed something easier without going thru the source code to remove the class name. 


  1. Add ALT tag on exclamation icon or add text after icon “Link broken”
  2. If they got that message, there need to be a way to remove that red text… perhaps add “X” icon to clear that message but keep that sentence?

Hmm, interesting - WordPress announced the same thing about broken link as of few days ago:

The broken link checker is also accessibility friendly and uses wp.a11y.speak() to announce bad URLs with an audible warning message.

Any progress on this?