Newest TinyMCE updates for Rich Text Editor


Holy cow!

Our Percussion version is so out of date

We really need to get ahead of the web technology. There are many new features that I really like for Percussion to incorporate (if not already in beta version or something)…

Image Captions is a must have.

Spell Check - Enable your users to see the typos as they type. Errors can be corrected on the fly by choosing the more appropriate word. Type a word misspelled, right click underlined word, choose a word to replace. (see screenshot attached)

Improved Copy-Paste - Unrivaled technology that cleans your pasted Word content and matches styles to your preference. (see screenshot attached). Too many staffs copied and pasted from MS Word cluttering the source code if they want to edit…

Live media embedding - this is a great feature especially for college/university.

Table enhancement - this is highly recommended. we have many many many staffs asking us how to make table works.

If it’s just Rich Text Editor widget, then make this inline

Insert / Edit video - we need this for client. They don’t know how to embed and we have to explain them how. (see screenshot attached)

HTML5 Formats - please enable “Show blocks” from View > Show blocks -

Image Tools

Learn more about the features here. And check the doucmentation, too, here.

Bottom line: I really think Percussion need to use Enterprise version to have all kind of features.


Hi Aaron,

This is something that we have been actively working on.  We currently ship the Open Source edition of the TinyMCE Editor and we have a long standing relationship with Ephox (we have used their EditLive! Rich Text Editor in Rhythmyx for years).   The Open Source edition of TinyMCE that  we ship is not the latest version.  A version update is currently planned for the 5.4 release. 

We also have some work to do in  product to change the way that the TinyMCE control is implemented to give customers better configuration control over the editor.

We’ll have more concrete updates on what our plans/options are with the Rich Text Editor early next year (January).



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Is CM1 using TinyMCE Enterprise? Here’s the link: 

One thing I noticed is this: 

  • Microsoft® Word copy-and-paste with images:  unrivaled technology that cleans your pasted Word content and matches styles to your preference.
    Please let us know because we had to clean up their code after they pasted it from MS Office. Thank you.

Please see the above reply. We currently ship the Open Source version of TinyMCE.


@Nate_Chadwick - I clicked and it takes me directly to this page - were they bought by TinyMCE?