Newbie needs help uninstalling!!

I installed Rythmyx Percussion on one of our development servers a few weeks ago and was informed yesterday that the development staff changed their minds and want it installed on a different server. Before doing the re-install I want to uninstall it from the current server. I having a hard time finding any documentation on how to properly uninstall Rythmyx Percussion. It is not listed in Add/Remove Programs and there is no uninstall executable available either. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Steve

It’s very much a manual process. This is the reply I got from tech support:

Rhythmyx does not come with an unistaller. The unistaller folder is left over from older versions. This unistaller never worked correctly so was removed.

You should “unistall” Rhythmyx manually - delete the tree and DB and remove the services in regedit. Rhythmyx does not install any components outside of the tree.

and this

This is not scheduled to be added to future releases. If you want this to be considered for future release then please send your comments to:


Thanks Jimbo.

:confused: It’s odd they don’t have an uninstaller, but manually removing shouldn’t be a problem.

I do think I’ll e-mail requesting an uninstaller in future versions or an uninstaller be created that can be applied to current versions as well.