New 5.3 CM1 Patch is available for Download

A new Patch for Percussion CM1 5.3 SR1 is available for download on the Support Portal.  This patch contains a number of updates and security updates as well as a new integration with Siteimprove

Automated rolling updates for SaaS customers will start to get scheduled this week. 

For full details about what’s included in the Patch please see the Release Notes


We’ve received some feedback on the Patch installation process and have updated our documentation and download Pages accordingly.
The Patch Release Notes have been updated with Known Issues / Workarounds.  Based on a couple of folks downloading the wrong Patch, we have updated the Release Download page so that the current Patch is now listed first, before the main release download (  Patches are cumulative so you only ever need to install the most current Patch.  Patches also use a command-line installer / uninstaller - so if you are applying the latest 5.3 Patch and are seeing the same Installation screen that you see on historical release upgrades,  please cancel and contact technical support.  The support team will be happy to help. 

Expanded Patch installation instructions for Windows and Linux have also been added to the Help site.

Thanks to all for the feedback and happy patching!