Need to use some data attributes in template but can't

I’m upgrading our website from Foundation 2 to Foundation 5. There are a few attributes that I can’t use that I would really like to use.

With the current way the templates are built I can not add any of the data- attributes like below to my template unless I put them inside an HTML widget. While that will work, it makes it very hard for my non-techie users to update their content. Any other way that I can add these attributes?

I know I can autosize the columns with some additional JS code but I would rather use what’s already baked into Foundation 5 and it’s not just for equal column height. I have other data- attributes I would like to use.




...   …

Hi Matt,

I would encourage you to post this as an idea to allow adding additional attributes to CM1 regions other than id and classes. In the interim, you could try adding the attributes the regions via jQuery.