Navigation menu Issue

I recently changed a navigation menu. It was linked to a pdf but I created a page so that it would not and information would be located on the page. I published the whole website, however, it did not pick up the changes for the navigation and it still goes to the pdf. Is there something else I should have done?


There could of been a few issues here. First I need to know a couple of things.

  1. The navigation you made changes to was it a shared asset?
  2. Was the navigation menu content on the template or on the page?
  3. Did you approve the page and/or the shared asset (if its a shared asset) before you ran the full site publish?

I did go in and approve, just in case and published again, nothing. The navigation content was on the template and no, it was not a shared asset. Other thoughts?

What widget is The Navigation Menu using?

This reply may sound stupid, but I just modified the navigation widget that was on there. Was that wrong?

can you send me screen shots of what your looking at. Can you show what the changes are you made.
A navigation widget will not link to a pdf file.

Can you post a screenshot of the page where you are trying to switch the link to the pdf to the navigation section. I also need to see the configurations set to the widget on the page/template.

I’ve got quick question regarding this. After I put in the navigation button, on the templates section do I need to “click the checkmark” on the templates to make them all just alike? If so, when I do that, I get this message:

Unexpected error occured while migrating the content. Please see log for more details.

I’ve deleted 2 pages that had an ! mark, but that still didn’t solve the problem. Also, I have one template that has been “spinning” for right now 25 minutes. Is that normal if you have say 180 pages attached to that template?

Hi Inga,

I’m not sure what the issue is that you are describing. Are these pages on the Live on the web so I can take a look at them. If they are, could you send me the urls please.

they are live now, but seem to be fine. My golf menu item FINALLY resolved itself.

When I make a change in navigation, should I have to go to the template and tell it to “match contents with template”? I have one template that has 180 pages attached to it. When I used that feature today “Match content with template” it took over an hr. and then I just did a refresh and everything was fine. Not sure what is going on with this program.

No you should not. The match content feature is used if you move pages from one template to another and you would like the content to match into the sections of the templates regions/widgets with the same ID or class names.

The Navigation is used to dynamically change content for the Navigation Widget and the Breadcrumb Widget.

Strange. I will let it be for now and what happens. Thank you for discussing this w/ me.

No problem, Post again if you have more issues.