Navigation and Velocity function

We are using Rx 6.5.2 to build our new web site and I’m working on the navigation. Where can I find all the function that are already build (ex: getDepth()) and that I can use to help me ? Is there’s a list and a description of each function somewhere ? I’m particularly interested to a function that can return me the relative level of a Navon.



For Rhythmyx JEXL functions, see the “Binding Variables” appendix to the Rhythymyx Implementation Guide. This information is also available in the Workbench online Help as a subsection to the topic on the Bindings tab of the Template editor.

For the functions supplied by JEXL itself, see the JEXL site.


I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but getDepth() is a method on IPSNode. Look at the JavaDoc for the server:


(Change the host/port to point to your server)

You will see in “All Classes” the IPSNode interface listed. There are some other useful things in the JavaDoc, including a listing of all of the methods on the common interfaces (IPSAssemblyItem, etc).

The PSOToolkit also ships with JavaDoc, but we don’t install it on the server for you (you have to unzip it).

I hope this helps


Thanks for the info, I’ll put that in my bookmarks :wink:
I didn’t find exactly what I neaded but it’s a good start :smiley: