Mysterious validation message


We are using PSValidateRelatedItems, and this usually works fine. But once in a while a particular content item will get stuck and fail validation even though it does have the related content that it is supposed to. The weird thing is that the validation message is not the one you usually get. It’s kind of empty. It just says that you failed valdiation, but it doesn’t say why. But it does seem to be related to the fact that we are using PSValidateRelatedItems, because if we remove the validation for that particular transition on that particular content type, then the problem goes away. Then if we put it the validation back in, then that same item will get stuck again.

I tried to reproduce the problem in other items of the same type, by creating new items and transitioning them around with and without the related content, but I couldn’t get the problem to happen. If I make a copy of the sick item, though, then its copy is sick.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this when using validations?