Mysql driver location

I’m fairly new to Linux and am trying to do an install using Ubuntu and mysql. During the install I’m asked to enter the driver location, but I’m not sure what the driver file is so I can’t search for the location. Can someone give me some insight into what standard driver location is for mysql?

There are some fairly specific instructions on our help site here:

Step 12 is actually my problem. I’m not sure what the location is, what file or files I’m looking for to define the location.

You need to download the latest driver from… - that will give you a file called (that’s the current version, the number will be different as newer versions are released).

Open that zip file and extract mysql-connector-java-5.1.23-bin.jar (again, the name may be slightly different based on the current version). Copy that file to a folder on the system where you are installing CM1.

That jar file is what the installation is looking for. The location will be the folder where you copied the file.