multiple workflow roles

Since Rhythmyx manages users at the Role level, can a user have different workflow roles for different communities? Our situation is that we will have users who belong to multiple communities and will need different workflow roles depending on which community they’re working in.

For example, Bob is both the Research and Geology communities. He needs a workflow role of Editor in Research and Author in Geology, but not as Author in Research or as Editor in Geology. Can workflow roles be limited based on the communitiy or is Bob an Editor and Author in both communities, no exceptions. Unless, of course, you complicate things by setting up a bunch of new workflow roles or creating separate user accounts for each community? :eek:

You will need to create new workflow roles, i.e. a Research_Author role and a Geology_Author role for example.

Hi Gail

Do you use workflow notification? If you do you may also have to create new workflows eg

Geology Community
Geology Workflow