Multiple RSS Feed Pages

It would be nice to have the ability to use Autolist on multiple pages and the RSS feed that is generated by that autolist be available per page (maybe a variable in the URL that reformats the page as the RSS feed), instead of having the one RSS feed page that stops working if more than one page has an autolist. This would help us since we would like to have announcements, news and other items that can be generated per page and would like to use that feed and parse the data in our mobile apps.

David Bradshaw
Georgia Southwestern State University

This is a great suggestion for functionality we should have implemented already.

I know we are looking into some of the behavior of the product now, and making sure there wasn’t any regression of functionality with our 4.0 release.

I reached out via email, but for others reading this, I was curious if you gave each page-autolist’s RSS field its own unique name? If not, this could be the cause of it not functioning correctly.